Kent Hinesley is a Genius!


Is Kent Hinesley Really A Genius?


         So you may be thinking this Kent Hinesley guy  must have a huge ego to be putting up a web page with “Kent Hinesley is a Genius” as the title. Actually, I do not really consider myself to be a genius at all. There are lots of people who I recognize who are smarter than I am. I have also found that people who need to tell you they are smart are usually not very smart since telling people you are smart is not a very smart thing to do.


          So what's with the Kent Hinesley is a genius message? In this case I just put it there to demonstrate that I have the ability to create some positive spin when people search for my name. As an Internet Marketer and Search Engine Optimizer that is one of the services I provide for my clients.


           Internet marketing is not just about ranking for a word that people might use who would be interested in your product or service. It's also controlling how your page appears in the results, and writing compelling copy to convince people to visit your site. Ultimately the goal is for people to engage further by leaving contact information or purchasing a product.


            Currently I am providing local businesses in Chico, ca with internet marketing services. The Internet is replacing the phone book for looking up local services and directories are slow to update. I help businesses get listed in all the popular websites that provide local search. My regular business website is